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  • Congratulations to Derek Gao, a sixth grader at Sierra Madre Middle School who won the district-wide spelling bee last week! His winning word was inscrutable (meaning ‘impossible to understand’).
    Fourth, 5th and 6th grade competitors went head to head, syllable to syllable, for 21 challenging rounds. Some of those words were so tricky! Wait, not tricky… baffling, indecipherable, downright enigmatic. We are so very #pusdproud of everyone who competed this year – all supremely successful spellers!
    The winning word was “inscrutable ”. Congratulations to all the Spelling Bee contestants and to students who won the top three spots (Pictured from left to right):
    • 1st place - Derek Gao , Sixth Grade, Sierra Madre Middle School  
    • 2nd place - Racquel Boer , Sixth Grade , Marshall Fundamental  
    • 3rd place - Madeleine Butler , Fifth Grade, Sierra Madre Elementary  
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