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  • Discover your child’s path to greatness!
    From academics to life skills, see for yourself how 管家婆三期必开一期equips your child to thrive.
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Elementary Schools

Altadena Arts Magnet- English and French immersion programs, schoolwide arts program /AltadenaTours
Don Benito- Leadership development, character building /DonBenitoTours
Field- Mandarin Immersion Program /FieldTours
Hamilton- Leader in Me school /HamiltonTours
Jackson- English and Spanish immersion Programs, schoolwide STEM program /JacksonTours
Longfellow Magnet- Crosscultural Awareness and Spanish Immersion or Exploratory Spanish programs /LongfellowTours
Madison- AVID college preparation program /MadisonTours
McKinley- Grades TK-8 campus, arts focus /McKinleyTours
Norma Coombs- Computer programming, ceramics /NormaCoombsTours
San Rafael- Spanish immersion program /SanRafaelTours
Sierra Madre- Arts and enrichment opportunities /SMETours
Washington STEM- Environmental Studies and Spanish World Language Magnet /WashingtonTours
Webster- English and Armenian language and culture program /WebsterTours
Willard- International Baccalaureate? (IB) program /WillardTours

Middle Schools

Blair- International Baccalaureate? (IB) program, Spanish immersion program /BlairTours
Eliot Arts Magnet- Schoolwide arts, French immersion program /EliotArtsTours
Marshall- Grades 6-12 campus, arts electives /MarshallTours
McKinley- Self-directed learning program, Math Academy /McKinleyTours
Octavia E. Butler Magnet- Spanish immersion program, schoolwide STEAM program, Math Academy /oebtours
Sierre Madre- Mandarin immersion program, Math Academy /SMMSTours

High Schools

Blair- International Baccalaureate? (IB) program, Spanish and Armenian immersion programs, Health Careers Academy /BlairTours
Marshall- Academy of Creative Industries /MarshallTours
John Muir Early College Magnet- Early College program, Engineering & Environmental Science, Business & Entrepreneurship, Arts, Entertainment & Media Academies /JohnMuirTours
Pasadena- Law & Public Service, Creative Arts, Media, and Design, App Academies, Mandarin immersion program, Math Academy /PasadenaTours